Amending a Research Application

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The team at the Michigan Education Research Institute (MERI) fully expect the specifics of your approved project to change over time. Your responsibility as a researcher is to ensure these changes are communicated and approved. This page will walk you through the process of amending your MERI research project.


STEP 1: Identify the changes

You may have one or many aspects of your research application to update. In most cases, it is best to package these changes into a single amendment request. Common reasons for amending an application include:

  • Adding or removing team members
  • Refining or adding research questions
  • Extending the project completion date
  • Request additional years or types of data

STEP 2: Confirm access

There are two circumstance in which you may have troubles submitting an amendment request. First, if someone else on your team created and submitted the original application, you may not have permission to update it. In this case, the application owner will need to login, select/view the research application and add you as a collaborator. Second, amendments are not allowed if your application is currently under review for other changes or is in the data delivery stage. To resolve this, email us and let us know you need to amend your application.

STEP 3: Complete the Amendment Request Task

In this step, you let us know what changes you would like to make to your research project. Select the appropriate application and navigate to the Amendment Request Task. Complete the form and mark the task as complete. You will receive an email from the MERI team notifying you that your application has been reopened to edit the requested sections of your application.

STEP 4: Submit Amendments/Revisions

After your application is reopened, you may refresh your account page to see that your application has been reopened for editing. Although the full research application is open for editing, you may only edit the sections of your application that were previously specified in the amendment request task. Please do not edit unspecified sections of your application as this may delay processing of your request. Navigate to the requested section(s) of the application that you would like to amend and make all necessary changes. After you have completed the requested changes, ensure that each section of your application is marked as complete and click submit.