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K-12 Career and College Readiness Assessments


Level: Student by Year by Assessment
Population: Students in the Michigan K12 educational system
Information Contained: Assessment scores
Years Covered: 2007-2019


The Career and College Readiness researcher file contains commonly requested student-level assessment data from the K-12 environment pertaining to college and career readiness for students.This dataset reflects information about career and college readiness assessments administered by the Michigan Department of Education and also Advanced Placement examinations throughout the state. Administered tests include SAT (current), ACT (retired), PSAT (current), and Work Keys (current). Data covers all students from private, home schooled and public schools who have participated in these assessments. Prior to 2014-2015, ACT was a component of the MME assessment. For 2014-2015, it was given as its own assessment. Tests were administered during the spring each year. Data from the 2007-2008 school year forward are available. Future years’ data will be added on an annual basis as data become available. Note that prior to the 2015-2016 school year, the ACT was retired from testing by the MDE, and was replaced with the SAT.

Number of Individuals with Records

We have Career and College Readiness assessment records for over 1.7 million students in total. With regards to each specific assessment, we have SAT scores for 800 thousand students, ACT scores for 900 thousand students , and ACT Work Keys scores for 800 thousand students.

Grades Tested

We have score for 100 thousand 8th graders, 400 thousand 9th graders, 400 thousand 10th graders, 1.3 million 11th graders, and 50 thousand 12th graders.

SAT and PSAT Variables

For the SAT, we have three main scores: Total, English Language Arts, and Math. For the English Language Arts and Math portions of the assessment, we have variables that denotes whether the student's score met the college/career benchmark. In addition we have the student's Student Growth Percentile for SAT assessment if the student previously took the PSAT.

ACT Variables

For the ACT assessment, we have 7 scores: Composite, Math, English, Writing, Combined English/Writing, Reading, and Science.

WorkKeys Variables

For the WorkKeys assessment, we have 3 scores: Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading. Each of the 3 portions of the assessment have a scaled score and a level score.

Advance Placement Tests Variables

For AP assessments, we have over 40 variables corresponding to the subjects a student could take a test for.

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Data are owned by State of Michigan. Submit a research application to gain access.
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