Serving Researchers, Improving Education

The Michigan Education Data Center (MEDC) is a secure data clearinghouse that helps researchers use Michigan’s education data to answer critical questions that improve outcomes for students.


All researchers hoping to access education data on Michigan’s children will follow these steps:

All education data is on loan from the State of Michigan.The Michigan Education Data Center reviews all research applications, processes, stores, and distributes all data in strict compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). It is critical that researchers keep data security at the forefront during every stage.


To date, MEDC has facilitated the use of educational data in projects that help improve student outcomes in the following ways:

  1. Developing a high-quality P-20 system
  2. Improving PreK - 12 classroom instruction
  3. Employing a high-quality, prepared, and collaborative educator workforce
  4. Reducing the impacts of high-risk factors

"Michigan has long been a leader in research-practice partnerships, and we are committed to using our data and the talents of our research partners to inform not only our work, but to build knowledge around key educational issues. The MERI partnership builds on nearly a decade of collaboration and leadership in this area and launches us into the next generation of this work."

- Deputy State Superintendent Venessa Keesler